I'm a professional photographer in Brooklyn, NY. i tend to prefer the non-traditional side of things.


- clients/images used include Playboy Magazine, ZINK!, Auxiliary (covers), DAM Magazine, Urban Ink (cover), Rebel Ink (covers), Ink Slingers (Cover), Inked Girls, Revolver Magazine, Inked, Fangoria TV, Clear Channel, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, Metal Edge magazine, Ritual Nightclub, RCA/BMG Records, Warner Brothers Records, TJ Martell Charity, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Yellow Rat Bastard, Skin & Ink (cover), Tattoos for Women (cover), Nordic Tattoo Life (cover), Tattoo and Piercing, A&E, Time Out New York, Village Voice, High Life (British Airways in-flight magazine), City of Hope, revolver, juxapoz, metal edge, BMEzine, Skin Art, London Daily Telegraph, Outlaw Biker, Suicidegirls.com, Wizard Guide to Comics, The Yes Network, E! network, MTV, Much Music among others.